Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ah Keat Seafood 阿吉海鮮飯店

Hi everyone, it has really been a while. Well, almost been like a year, how is everyone doing?

Checking back some recent comments, just realized that there are some loyal readers did say hi a while back. Am touch. Thank you for dropping by. Am doing fine, just getting older :) I took up photography, some of my not-so-updated work can be found here. Feel free to pay a visit to catch on with my recent life through the lens :) I hope all of you are doing fine as well :)

Well jasonlou supposed to be retired from blogging, but there is one incident at Ah Keat Seafood not long a go, i think mid of last month (February) has "agitated" jasonlou to write a "rare" review on this blog. I even went further down the road by posting the same comment below on every other blog reviews that i can find from google search, to spread the words. Help me spread the words also if you read this and agree with me.

Here goes the story...

Address & Contact Number
No. 6881 Lorong Merbau 1
Off Jalan Raja Uda
13000 Butterworth

Tel: +604-323 3319, +6012-425 8552, +6012-491 8736

Not long back, early this year, like many of you, I read a forwarded email about a blogger posting regarding this Ah Keat Seafood. Since my good friend from KL is here that time, I brought my friend there to give it a try. It was first for both of us, but unfortunately, it turns out to be the worst dining experience I/we ever had. 

1. the place is always FULL with customer from opening to closing. You know why? Because everybody has to wait MINIMUM 30mins from order to dish serving. My encounter, waited 50mins before first dish is served!
2. losing my patient, i went to counter wanting to pay the drinks and plan to split. Cashier refused and the cook looked at me like “WTF”
3. Cook tag-line “we cook what, you eat what, WTF!”. Story line: my friend ordered “Kam Heong (cantonese) bamboo clamp”, but the one served looks wet and no curry at all. I asked the waiter “what is this?”. “sweet and sour bamboo clamp!” she replied. Then i asked “What did we order?”. “Kam Heong bamboo clamp!” she replied without any hesitation. “Well, our cook may be want to cook all the same (meaning dont want to wash the wok so many times), sooo…” the waiter add on and looking at me as if i need to take it or leave it, WTF! I tell her “I CANNOT ACCEPT THIS!”. So, she took it back to the cook. After 5mins, she came back with the same plate of “thing”, just re-wok again with some chillies and still wet like “sweet and sour!” WTFFFFFFF! the dish tasted like crap!
4. 2 crabs fried with salted egg yolk, 2 steamed mantis prawn, 1 plate of so called “Kam Heong + sweet & sour” bamboo clamp cost us RM130!

Well, if you can wait, dont mind what being served and dont mind pay more, why NOT!

- The End -

:) help spread the word ya


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Hi readers, how are you doing?

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the lack of update recently. As you can see, my blog site is more or less like Jules one a while back, but Jules rebounded back recently after a major project Tape Out =)

Life has been really great after I met my other half. Guess I will skip the detail to avoid major 'discomfort' or 'lost of appetite' syndrom  =)

In short, I don't have to nag here anymore, because all those complains seem insignificant. Life priorities straighten and time seems not enough for many things. As for the great moments, I think I would like to be selfish a little and keep it in between two of us.

So, actually I have decided to bring "me?!!!" to dormant mode, since I know I wont be able to update it that frequent anymore. To some of my loyal readers, am really sorry if I do offended you in anyway for such decision. I am truly sorry.

Dormant means that halt for the time being and not able to update it as frequent as daily anymore, but there's still a chance where once in a while, I can share some amazing stuff with you all =)

So, till then. Stay safe, stay handsome, stay beautiful =)


Friday, June 06, 2008


Halo everyone, this is Giraffe. And Giraffe, these are my blog readers =)
Giraffe actually likes to look out from the car at traffic, and Giraffe is the car watcher =)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Season of romance and union of couples is in the air again =)

Over here, I would like to wish Ryan and Lisa - 永远幸福!!!

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

happy anniversary

Today is a special day, because a year back today, I decided to forfeit my seniority, take a little bit of risk and a simple way out of my misery, and I joined my current company =)

Time flies, and it has been a year I am here. I am still me, just that I am much much more happier now than I was a year back, because I spent less time at work, and enjoy life the fullest, that is really a good thing =)

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

just a bit sleepy

Not really sleepy, just a little sleepy, therefore posting some posts over here, with this last one with a little bit of random thought =)

Well, I have been reading about other blogger who literally don't need to sleep at night, because they have such habit, and when they cant sleep, they blogs. Well, am trying to be one temporarily for tonight. Hmm... or maybe not, because I am not a season late night blogger, hehe =)

Me just want to pen down the quiet, calm and peaceful night feeling, with happy feeling of thoughts here and there. Love the feeling. Well, gotta sleep now. Tomorrow still a mystery, yet it will be a fulfill one =)


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she says yes =)

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fishing My Way To Made Of Honor

Here, I present you, the fishing game, which I have been playing A LOT recently, trading lots of my blogging time (not to mention working time, eating time, basketball time etc etc =), hoping and trying my humble luck in winning a chance to an extraordinary experience in life, which I truly believe it will.

Although the chance does look very very slim now after googling other blogger high scores, am still wanting to submit my score just for the sake of submitting. Why not? Because I tried my best at least =)


lock out

Today, my car auto lock system gone nut and lock me out from my car with my car key still at ignition and engine still running. I almost gone crazy at that time *_*

Luckily, I approached the hotel staff nearby and they help me called a mechanic. Well, all I can say is, it is really an eye opening to see how to open the car without key.

In less than 10 seconds, with a small screw driver, a simple thing that usually people throw away, and a little bit of practice, my wira car can be opened easily. How easy to jack a car!

So, reminder to all, DONT ever trust the car lock.

Btw, I paid RM20 for the "jack" service.

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